Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lab meeting

So I just had lab meeting. A 5th year graduate student was presenting her work on mutational analysis of one of the proteins we study. An interesting lab meeting, but not normally noteworthy for the blog. (I reserve this blog for only the most important events in my exciting life - see Death Star Troofers, below).

So I'm quietly enjoying my coffee, my mind wandering away from the introduction (I've heard it too many times over the last five years) and I hear a voice from the back of our darkened conference room, "Balderdash! I'm going to Expel you from science, because I think your model for DNA rearrangments is absolute crap! Consider yourself Expelled!"

I just couldn't believe it! Apparently PZ Myers gatecrashed our lab meeting! He really does have a problem!



ERV said...

Ya... like in the last couple of weeks, PZ has turned into a PR/framing nightmare! Hes just going to start showing up at bar mitzvahs and traffic court... weve got to get this under control before he starts gate crashing peoples baths.

LOL-- and is your whole lab female?? Ours is too. All your lab are belong to us.

The Factician said...

Heh, that's not a photo of our lab. (Hard to be pseudonymous if I put up pictures of my colleagues).

It is interesting, however, if you google photos of "lab meeting" how many of the rooms look *exactly* like our lab meetings... Makes me feel a little like a clone...