Friday, April 4, 2008

Westboro Baptist Church Rickrolled!

The Westboro Baptist Church is a group of hatemongers, frequently written up by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They're quite a nasty group of folks. They show up at any prominent funerals, saying that the death of these people is due to America's tolerance of homosexuals. The odd part is that these hatemongers seem to not care whether the deceased people are homosexual or not. It just matters whether or not the news media are there to cover it. They've made themselves notorious by promoting their slogan "God hates fags", and by suing anyone who offends them. I try to avoid calling whole groups of people nasty, but these folks are really hideous. To get an idea of the lengths these weirdos take, see this article:

The [Westboro Baptist Church family] don't just picket, they also fax. And what faxes. Sent out to dozens of government offices, law firms, businesses and homes across Kansas several times a week, the faxes are grotesque, non-stop political commentary lambasting local and national figures.

Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone is a "bug-eye faggy baby-killer." Sailors in the U.S. Navy are "blasphemous fag beasts." Jerry Berger, the Vintage owner, is a "[b]loody Jew... merchant of anal copulating."

Joe Lieberman, Al Gore's Democratic running mate last fall, is "an anti-Christ Jew" who "has sold his soul to fags." Elizabeth Taylor is "an evil woman" who led a "wicked, Christ-rejecting, Satan-worshipping life." Jesse Jackson is a "fag" and a "black Judas goat leading his people to hell."

Thanksgiving was established as a "pagan feast" so the Massachusetts governor could "lust after the semi-naked bodies of the Indians he invited." Poet Maya Angelou is the "filthy face of fag evil."

Maya Angelou as a face of evil? What? Wow. Okay, so if you find that offensive, please donate money to the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Mrs. Factician and I give them money twice a year). And after you're done, watch this guy do an in-person Rickrolling of a Westboro Baptist Church protest. Bravo, dude.

Westboro Baptist Church gets Rick Rolld - Watch more free videos


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Anonymous said...

These folks even protested at MR. ROGERS' funeral! Fred Rogers would have been proud though. He mourners turned the other cheek and SANG to the Westboro Baptish Church "Won't you be my neighbor" and other songs from Mr. Rogers' show.

Fred Rogers was the antithesis of Fred Phelps.