Monday, March 31, 2008


One of the predictions of creationism intelligent design is that the hand of God the intelligent designer will be found in creation in the Design.

Well, I have finally found it. And wouldn't Behe be impressed, I found it in Plasmodium yoelli, a malarial parasite that infects rodents. Just like Craig Venter, who inscribed his name into the organism that he designed, God the Intelligent Designer placed his watermark on the chromosome of that totally improbable rodent parasite, Plasmodium. Are you ready? This is what he wrote:

It's found in the impossibly large hypothetical protein PY01329 in Plasmodium yoelli. GodThe Disembodied Telic entity has marked his work in there. And he did it *before* Craig Venter did it. And in the 3rd person. So there.

(Note: Searches for GODDIDIT so far haven't found any perfect matches, but give me time and a few more genomic sequences, and we'll find it)

For those folks totally lacking a sense of humor - I'm being sarcastic. While this sequence of amino acids is in the genome of the Plasmodium parasite, it is not an indication of God'sthe Designer's hand.



The Inoculated Mind said...

I'm afraid that you will NEVER find "GODDIDIT" in any genome anywhere. There are no amino acids that correspond to "O." So much for intelligent design...

The Factician said...

Gah, that's an embarrassing mistake. I also searched for GAWDDIDIT, GAHDDIDIT and ALLAHDIDIT.

No luck.

Will keep running the search.

angrynight said...

Well careful examinaton reveals that if you substitute GAT for "F" and TAC for "S" and A for "M", you do find FSMDIDIT!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a code in a Klingon translation of the Bible.