Monday, June 18, 2007

Disturbing searches

I've been a little quiet lately. Here's something that got me interested in posting: What are the sickest searches that people have done to find your blog? Let me clarify. These are searches that people did in Google that gave them a link for me (and on the ones I checked, I showed up in the first or second page). I've listed them below, including links so that you can see the context that those words came up in my blog (that said, a couple of them came up on keyword search pages combining multiple posts).

Well, I confess there aren't that many sick searches being done for my blog (should I be disappointed?). But the few disturbing ones that I did have were extremely disturbing:

"want to hurt your baby"

broken baby bones conspiracy

homeopathic remedy for autism son that likes mother's butt

Happily there are also some funny ones. Try:

can i own a howitzer??

alcohol consumption before getting the hpv shot

moon colony conspiracy

global infertility conspiracy (actually, add conspiracy to anything, I get a lot of hits that way)

ld50 of water

factories allow bugs in food

what does you worries about genetically food <-- this one just makes me laugh because of the grammar

hat tip: Pharyngula

Update: There's a funny post written to Google searchers here. Check it out.



ERV said...

How do you do this???

The Factician said...

If you use Google Analytics on your blog, you can see how people find you (either referred through links, or via searches). If they come via a search, you can view what words they used to search to find you.

Just install the Google Analytics code onto your blog, it's pretty interesting to see all the info it gives you.

ERV said...

Awww so I dont have previous months data? Maaan! Ah well, Ill keep my eye on it now :) So far everyone comes from links, no keywords.