Monday, December 10, 2007

Science Debate!

Via Mark at Denialism:

We must adapt to the fact that over the last few decades it has become critical that our politicians and policymakers understand science and implement policy that is consistent with scientific facts. And it is past time that we made science enough of a priority to merit a presidential debate on science. The need is clear, these days policymakers must be able to respond in an informed fashion to new technologies, new scientific findings, and potential disasters (such as climate change). Despite the need for a scientifically-literate political leadership, we have a president who says the jury is still out on evolution, who promotes failed abstinence-only sex education programs, and refuses to make any substantive changes to address global warming.

For more, go to Science Debate 2008.


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Citizen Deux said...

I agree we need a science debate. BUt more importantly, we need our legislators to follow the same rules - as they are the ones ultimately writing the laws.

Why, for example, is homeopathy still supported by US law? Why is Sen. Feinstein proposing legislation completely unsupported by science? Is it because she is ignorant? No it is more likley because she is being driven by an agenda based, emotional PAC. Groups which operate on fear and ignorance.