Friday, December 14, 2007

Intelligent design is *not* creationism.

Or, in the words of William Dembski, world-famous intelligent design proponent:

Interviewer: Does your research conclude that God is the Intelligent Designer?

Dembski: I believe God created the world for a purpose. The Designer of intelligent design is, ultimately, the Christian God.
Ouch. Dr. Dembski, isn't there a commandment in there that you've been breaking? Cause you told me it wasn't about religion...
Interviewer: Who is your target audience?

Dembski: I don’t want to give the impression that it’s not a demanding book, but the book works at several levels.
You mean it's a hymnal *and* a theology textbook coloring book?
Interviewer: How will your research affect the world of science?

Dembski: It’s going to change the national conversation. I don’t see how you can read this book, if you’ve not been indoctrinated with Darwin’s theory, and go back to the evolutionary fold.
Really? It'll change your life? Well, if you fail to change minds, it'll only be because the world is already indoctrinated. It couldn't possibly be because you're dead ass wrong... [/sarcasm]

enormous hat tip: ERV



ERV said...

I LUV that they described Dembski as a 'leading scientist and mathematician'. LUV IT!!!

The Factician said...

Yep, leading what?

Gary said...

Well, we hope that it Leads up to graduating with a degree in the exciting world of the Fashion Industry.

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