Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Evolution unmasked!

Gil Dodgen, creationist cdesign proponentist public intellectual, unmasks evolution for what it is:

So, are those of us with no formal academic background in evolutionary biology (or, poor me, with no college academic background outside of foreign language, literature, and music) automatically disqualified from making challenges and asking hard questions? Some would say yes; I say no. Spotting a con game is not all that difficult.
A con game. Really. A con game so big that effectively all active biologists are involved in it.

This is really what it comes down to. The only way evolution could be blatantly and flagrantly wrong... the only way that scientists could be so completely wrong on this while the folks at Uncommon Descent get it right... the only way that there could be so many home schoolers who "know" that creationism is wrong while scientists are teaching evolution... is if there were a conspiracy to hide the truth. For creationism intelligent design to be right
and evolution to be wrong, scientists would have to be involved in a truly massive coverup. A con game as Mr. Dodgen asserts.

Who's involved in this massive con game? Most of the members of the National Academies of Science, one would presume, as they've produced several documents endorsing evolution as the best description of the origin of species. Most biologists working under the NIH are involved in this conspiracy of conspiracies (approximately 18,000 working at the NIH, probably ten times that number funded by that NIH at external sites). All of these bright and talented people are involved in a coverup so massive that only common sense can reveal (as one of Mr. Dodgen's commenters reveals):
Common sense is still common sense, regardless if you’ve been indoctrinated into materialism or not.
Common sense. The same common sense that tells me that the earth is flat (otherwise we'd fall off!), that the moon is the size of my thumb (after all, I hold my hand up, and I can block it from view) and that the sun orbits the earth (I see it move through the sky during the day after all).

This common sense is what tells us that evolution is a con game. Good job, Mr. Dodgen. Nicely done.



James F. McGrath said...

Thanks for posting this. I had similar thoughts, which are part of a discussion of these recent Uncommon Descent posts over on my own blog.

The Factician said...


I've tried to make this a central theme on the blog. You can't have beliefs like "evolution is wrong, id is right" without at the same time thinking that the whole system is conspiring to keep id a secret. (Well, I suppose you can have one belief without the other, but one would be intellectually inconsistent).

And to think that tens or hundreds of thousands of scientists are keeping a lid on this... That's simply ludicrous.

James F. McGrath said...

I don't know if you ever saw my post about the idea that there is an atheist 'conspiracy' in favor of evolution, but given your blog's title and your CSM image, you're sure to appreciate it! :)