Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been banned!

I love doing science. One of the reasons why is that I can talk to a Nobel prize winner the same as I talk to the post-doc I share a bay with. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I can talk to the head of my department the same way. Here's a hypothetical exchange amongst some scientists in the lab (I used to work with Mrs. Factician, so I'll include her here:

Factician: You know, I think you're full of s*it. You can't possibly prove X and this is why...

Dr. Z: No, you're looking at it wrong. If you interpret it in Y fashion, and consider the results of Dr. Q then it demonstrates something completely different.

Mrs. F: But what about the possibility of beta? You haven't considered beta.

Dr. Z: Oh, that's right, we hadn't considered beta. We would have to do experiment omega to rule out beta.

Factician: No, no, no! You're totally on drugs! Look. Check out my recent results. They fit completely with beta and with Y and I've even included the results of Dr. Q!

Mrs. F: Oh. He's right.

Dr. Z: No he's not. He still needs to do experiment delta to rule out the delta possibility.

Factician: Oh. Frack. He's right.

Mrs. F: Oh yeah. You *do* need to do delta.

Factician: Ok, but I'll bet you delta shows this...
You get the idea. Now let's look at how a conversation goes between a few intelligent design advocates at Uncommon Descent:

Scordova: We think an intelligent designer did it. And it's not important who the intelligent designer is. And let's all be polite to the motherfrackers that have come here spewing vomit from the evolution boards. Be nice everyone!

Intelligent design advocate #1: I agree. An intelligent designer did it.

Intelligent design advocate #2: I also agree.

I.D. advocate #3: I agree.

Factician: Wait, but the data show that all life on earth uses the same building blocks. Doesn't that suggest that we all have a common ancestor? Wouldn't you predict some life to be different if a designer did it? You know, showing some of his design flair?

I.D. advocate #1: No. God did it.

Factician: Wait, that's not an argument. There's no data...

DaveScot: BANNED! You're not welcome here!

I.D. advocate #2: I agree.

bornagain77: Their snide comments probably come from years of brainwashing in the Darwinism doctrine and the arrogant and mistaken assumption that they can’t possibly be wrong.

Note, that last comment is a verbatim quote. I used it to preserve the irony.

Incidentally, I was banned at Uncommon Descent last night while I slept. I woke this morning with one tear running down my cheek... [/sarcasm]

Thanks to ERV for the open invite to play at Uncommon Descent. Too bad they cut playtime short...



ERV said...

For some reason, I think I know bornagain. I think theyre a joke account, and UD is too stupid to catch on. But I cant remember who it was in real life to ask them if this is him... Shoot!

But I think that irony could be intentional :)

Anonymous Coward said...

You do realize that there is an ID add on your blog?

The Factician said...

Advertisement? I do often get weird ads on Google. It's a little disappointing, and I've filtered out some of the worst ones, but I still get bad ads from time to time. See for a discussion of it.