Thursday, August 23, 2007

Denialist comedy!

Nope, it's not Tim Slagle.

I've been following a few different conspiracies over the last week, and they've inspired me to show another video. Firstly, I've been following the HIV deniers over at Aetiology. I've also been following the intelligent design folks' new movie efforts. It's been some time since I spent any time following the anti-global warming folks, or the second-hand smoke is healthy folks. It's interesting, that all of them boil down their arguments to "everyone is suppressing the truth, no one is allowed to think our thoughts, just think for yourself, this is an issue of freedom". Sometimes, the sheer volume of bulls*@t that one wades through is becomes rather depressing.

So here's a lighter version of denialist, conspiracy theorist tripe:

(taken from Thank You for Smoking)


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ERV said...

A lot of fun stuff has come out of that "Whos editing Wiki" program, like this Denier fun: