Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Animal rights activists.

Dear Animal Rights Activists,

As a demonstration of your lack of hypocrisy, please print this out and sign it, placing a copy of it in your wallet should anything happen to you and you are brought to a hospital unawares.

This post brought on by a discussion over at Pharyngula about animal rights.



Unknown said...

Love it! We need to have one of these for anti-science zealots, too!


The Factician said...

Heh, yep. Problem is, many of the anti-science zealots think that they're pro-science. They just don't understand what science is.

Unknown said...

Wait, I've seen this before. Did you go to Antioch?

The Factician said...


Nope. Never been to Antioch.

Chuck said...

Anti-science zealots are called Amish. They don't have computers or printers so how would they get the handouts?

The Factician said...

Yep, Amish are one group of anti-science folks. But one has to at least admire their near consistency (though they also make use of modern healthcare, they don't demonize scientists. they just think it's not for them).

Most other anti-science zealots are hypocrites. And wouldn't recognize their need for such a card...

Unknown said...

Quoth accademia_dei_lincei
"Wait, I've seen this before."

Americans for Medical Progress has had such a card for a decade. We distribute it at conferences and such so indeed you may have seen ours.

Given the renewed interest we are posting it to our website in the next day (amprogress.org) as a .pdf. If you would like your own card stock hard copy or copies, just send a note to info@amprogress.org.

The Factician said...

Bravo, Americans for Medical Progress. When you've got one, send me the link, and I'll link to you.

Unknown said...

Ah, that explains it. Thank you, Americans for Medical Progress! (When these were being passed around Antioch campus, some few years ago, a number of the animal rights activists seized on them gratefully, with exclamations of how this was a GREAT idea! The irony apparently missed them completely.)

As an aside, the Amish are not zealously anti-technology. They not only make use of modern medical technology -- including vaccinations! -- they also make use of cars and computers. They don't, in fact, preach against technology at all -- they just try to keep technology at a remove from their everyday life, since their prohibition is against becoming reliant on it.

They have some serious problems in other arenas brought on by an excess of religious and social stupidity, but this isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, ok.

Just because something was produced using animal testing doesn't mean it had to have animal testing to produce it.

If these things are so necessary for humans, why are we not testing them directly on humans first? Why aren't people lining up to volunteer for these tests? Sure they test the things that didn't kill masses of animals first, but they are playing it safe.

Instead of capturing, breeding, and enslaving animals for this type of torture why don't we just breed humans for medical testing? We could have special herds of humans specially bred to test new medicines and surgeries. What? Is that disturbing? Does that violate your ethics? Then don't shit on people with more compassion than you.

Maybe we could ask if your anti-war or anti-slavery. I should make out a card with a checklist for you. You shouldn't even want to live in this country because this country was built up and made a world power using slavery and war. I guess that means you don't want to benefit from any of it. Oh, I guess you're a hypocrite if you do.

The Factician said...


You bring up an interesting point (and one that I have considered myself). I am indeed bothered by the fact that I have benefited from what are clearly immoral acts. I'm not quite sure what to do about that.

But I think you miss the point. The medical cures that you are partaking are *currently* killing animals. Animal products are involved in all of the lot testing of medications. But even if you suggest that that is not hypocritical, every cure that will come from this day forward will be from animal experimentation. So, the analogy might be clearer like this: If someone were to murder your neighbors, and then offer to sell you their house, would you buy it? If you truly equate animal experiments as something that is immoral, how can you continue to use something that has in the very recent past, the present and the future, will involve the deaths of animals.

If you think that you can hold the position that animal experimentation is wrong *and* that it's okay to continue to use modern medicine, you are a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

PETA and the NAZIS had a lot in common they were both ardurent animal lovers and they often blabered about using people in the experiments but even though PETA hasnt used human subjects r=the NAZIS did and PETA one claimed they would rather have kids used then see animals used PETA NAZIS