Monday, May 5, 2008

Where do they come from?

As a funny aside post, I've been getting more visits lately. Really, in the last month, I've seen a pretty large increase in what has been otherwise a relative trickle of traffic, compared to some of my science blogging compadres.

And where are these people headed? To this post. Yep, in the last month, 2/3 of my traffic is headed to my Leap Year Skeptics' Circle post. I admit, I was a little proud of that post. I like writing ironic, tongue-in-cheek stories for the Skeptics' Circle.

I was going to point out to Orac that the Skeptics' Circle had seen an upsurge in popularity, until I poked around a little further to discover *why* I'm getting all this traffic... It turns out, that as of a few weeks ago, my little blog shows up as the number one hit on Google image searches for sex (if you have safe search turned on - I rather doubt that I'm at the top of the heap if you turn off safe search). Go figure. Not quite the demographic that this post was aiming for, but what the hell. Hopefully they learn something while ogling the photo of this woman:

Edited for Brigit.



Brigit said...

Oy! I demand equal-opportunity ogling, and I don't see Johny Depp or Viggo Mortensen...

Anonymous said...

hahaha brilliant, I actually search for "safesearch" to fall upon your blog.