Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dishonesty from the producers of Expelled? Say it ain't so!!!

Recently, someone tried to impersonate the Office of Research Integrity, a branch of the National Institutes of Health. They sent e-mails to the biology faculty of Vanderbilt University, expecting to be able to con them into seeing the creationist movie Expelled. Can you believe it? From the e-mail:

Intelligent design is widely regarded as the idiot-savant stepchild of creationism.
Well, I can agree with half of "idiot-savant".

What else can they say?
For all the movie's flaws, it underscores the need for greater openness in the discussion of biological origins. We live in a free society that cherishes rational discourse. We are committed to arguing our ideas across the table from others without fear of reprisal or coercion. Science most of all should exemplify freedom of thought and expression.

The movie's chief flaw, in our view, is its failure to argue that intelligent design possesses real intellectual and scientific merit. The Center for Scientific Integrity has learned that to remedy this defect, the producers of EXPELLED have officially endorsed a book by William Dembski and Jonathan Wells titled THE DESIGN OF LIFE ( We urge that you watch this movie and read this book before weighing into the national debate that Ben Stein is initiating.
Go see it! Buy my book!

Hugs and kisses,
Jake Akins, Executive Director Center for Scientific Integrity ( (Website under construction)
Advancing Freedom of Thought and Expression in Science
Oh, wait. No website. What, the NIH can't afford a website??!!? Who do they think they're fooling?

Go to the Faithful Penguin and read the whole thing. Simply amazing.



onein6billion said...

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Scientific Integrity said...

I am Jake Akins, and I am the Director of the Center for Scientific Integrity. I never attempted to impersonate nor even implied any affiliation with the NIH. You have my email, you could very well have written me and asked before you began publishing erroneous information.