Friday, March 21, 2008

Expelled, the musical!

Okay, this deserves all kinds of linkage. It contains humiliation! Armed guards! Nazis! (No, really, it contains Nazis. Well, it contains footage of Nazis). The makers of the pseudo-scientific "Expelled" movie tossed PZ Myers out of the movie (and he's even a subject in the movie!). Or, rather, they Expelled him. Oh the irony! Very funny! Read it! Link it! This deserves to be widely read!



Anonymous said...

I love ben stein. I can't wait for this flick to come out. i hope it just makes you evolutionist brainwashers look SO silly.

DNA is a code folks. it is perfectly reasonable to talk about a coder.

So fck you.

Have a nice day... and take your evolutionism/dogma and shove it up your monkey butts.

Jesus said...

Love your simplistic reasoning. Humans were created by someone, therefore, that someone must also have been created by someone, and on and on and on. Do you accept that?

Sure it's reasonable to talk about it. But not in a science class, which is about teaching facts. So unless you've gone through the process of presenting evidence and having it verified by the scientific community, just like every other scientific hypothesis had to go through, it's not going to be accepted.

So get to it. Do your testing and write the papers to have it reviewed by scientists. I await the day where I can walk into a science class, have the teacher say, "God did it." and then walk back out. That would be soooo cool.