Friday, July 27, 2007

Astronauts gone wild!

Oy. From the New York Times:

NASA’s astronauts have flown while intoxicated on at least two occasions, according to reports of an internal NASA investigation, and the astronauts involved were warned that their drunkenness constituted a safety risk to the flight. But it is unclear whether this is a current problem and whether the incidents involved space shuttle flights.
NASA? Meet Nissan. Nissan, meet NASA. From CNET:
[Nissan] this week announced that it had started testing an in-car Breathalyzer system that disables a car's ignition if it senses that the would-be driver is over the legal limit.



MarkH said...

But do we really care? It's not like the astronauts actually fly anything on the way up. And besides, half the time the flight gets canceled. Who wouldn't get bored eventually and start drinking? Especially to take the edge off when you're pondering strapping yourself into the top of a giant explosive tube?

The Factician said...

I'm not to worried about the passengers. So long as the driver is all good. So the night before, *someone* has to be the designated driver. ;)