Thursday, October 4, 2007

Creation Science 101

Phil Gillette over at Skeptic Friends has written up the logistics of the Noah's Ark story. In practice:

I'm just taking what they claim and agreeing it to death.

Some folks have tried to simulate the ark, and found it rather difficult to build:Let us begin with simple logistics.
The Ark is alleged to have been somewhere between four and six hundred feet long, depending upon which version of the cubit one might prefer — there were several in use at the time, varying widely in dimension. A vessel of this description is not all that easily built.

It would require saw pits, smithies, foundries, rope-walks, cranes and other heavy-lifting devices, and all of the other facilities found in a large, early shipyard. It would have required a master shipwright and a construction crew with experience. And it would require a vast amount of timber to be harvested and processed in a land not noted for its forests. And lest we forget, in the days of the Ark there was little more than Bronze Age technology.

The largest clipper ship ever built is said to have been the Great Republic. She was somewhere, depending upon whose account you read, between 320 and 350 feet long with quite a wide beam to increase cargo space. She was relatively slow and in spite of oak construction, iron bracing and multiple keelsons, her hull hogged and sagged enough to render her a chronic leaker. She was only moderately successful and ultimately was lost in a tropical storm when the sea came in through her sprung hull strakes. There was some 15 feet of water in her holds when her crew abandoned her.
Bit of a problem there. For more of the interesting problems with the Noah's Ark myth, head on over and read it yourself.



James F. McGrath said...

Thanks for sharing this. I really like your motto about Galileo's mantle. I posted an entry on my own blog today about YEC and ID claims about an 'evolutionist conspiracy'. It is at

Kevin Scott said...

Doesn’t it make more sense to understand the same God who created them miraculously evaporated enough water to cover the mountains with 150 feet of water could use some special Jesus Magic Glue ™ to make the Ark watertight and keep it safe?

Grow up, science is polluting your mind. It’s much easier just to read the Bible and stop using science—which takes God’s supernatural intervention—out of the picture. We know the Bible is true, we hear every day about something science has gotten wrong.

I’ll be praying for you to see the Light of Scripture and Jesus Magic.

Anonymous said...
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