Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New commenting settings.

The number of commenters here at Conspiracy Factory seems to have increased. Previously, my level of traffic was low enough that generally I could tell the difference between anonymous commenter #1 and anonymous commenter #2. Now, I get a little schizophrenic reading the replies to each other where I can't tell who is who.

That said, I've turned off anonymous commenting, and suspect I won't be turning it back on in the near future.

So go ahead, go get yourself an account. Choose a pseudonym. You still get to be anonymous. But this way, I can tell you apart from other commenters.



Edit: Nov 2007. I'm allowing anonymous commenting again, to increase the number of commenters. However, given some product spamming that I've been getting, I'm now moderating comments. If you're not selling garbage, or you're not being obnoxiously rude, your comments will get through.


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