Friday, February 15, 2008

No one reads Uncommon Descent?

ERV has said in the past that no one reads Uncommon Descent, the blathering creationist website of creationist William Dembski.

Well, turns out there's some good stuff to be read there, if only by the sockpuppets from AtBC:

Thank you, Dr. Dembski. You are without peer when it comes to The Argument Regarding Design.
Fabulously well done! Head over there and read the confessions of a sockpuppet.



Athol Kay said...


Awesome picture of a sock puppet!

Anonymous said...

That sock puppet looks a lot like my brother.

Gary said...

Well, I hope you're all happy now, we won't have DaveTard to kick around anymore.

He has been "disappeared". Send curses in lieu of flowers to DaveScot c/o The Floating Command Center, Butkiss, TX.