Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fox News Misleads - go figure.

Fox News misleads in the title and lead of their article:

Government Report: More Military Deaths in Some Years of Peace Than War:
More active members of the military died during two years of peacetime in the early 1980s than died during a two-year period of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a government report.
But then buries the truth later in the article:
"Let's not somehow pretend or try to convey the false impression that being at war is being safer than being at peace, of course not," said Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute.

"If we stopped these wars we would cut back our annual military fatalities by close to a thousand people, and that's just simple arithmetic."

The numbers, which outline active-duty deaths from 1980 to 2006, show a steady decline in accidents.
Demonstrating that Fox News is barely better than Red State at presenting the facts. Shame on you, Fox News.


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