Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday beautiful science

Today's photo comes is taken of rat axons that have been stretched slowly using mechanical forces. A group at the University of Pennsylvania grew their cells in culture, and slowly pulled them apart to demonstrate that it was possible to stretch axons over fairly long distances. From their abstract:

Large animals can undergo enormous growth during development, suggesting that axons in nerves and white matter tracts rapidly expand as well. Because integrated axons have no growth cones to extend from, it has been postulated that mechanical forces may stimulate axon elongation matching the growth of the animal. However, this distinct form of rapid and sustained growth of integrated axons has never been demonstrated. Here, we used a microstepper motor system to evaluate the effects of escalating rates of stretch on integrated axon tracts over days to weeks in culture. We found that axon tracts could be stretch grown at rates of 8 mm/d and reach lengths of 10 cm without disconnection.


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